My Mission & Target Audience

I am Joanne, the voice behind Notes of Jo – Where Music & Travel Meet The Soul. Notes of Jo is a project that aims to bring the connection between music, travel and conscious-living (the soul) to light.

My audiences are independent travellers, music lovers, cultural activity enthusiasts who search for travel and music related inspiration, experiences, and personal development.

Prior to creating the blog in late 2016, I’ve been writing in Chinese on music, travel, and personal development and the number of followers reading in Chinese continues to grow today. We are currently at 4500+ on Facebook (January 2018.)

In addition to my regular engagements with my Mandarin Speaking readers on Facebook, I am also a columnist at Womany (女人迷), A female lifestyle website created by women for women. As a speaker, I’ve shared my experiences as a traveller, musician, and teacher at various schools and organizations in which includes a TEDx Talk!

As someone who is fluent in Mandarin Chinese & English in both speaking and writing, I believe it is my mission to maximize this advantage.

Growing up as a third culture kid, I found it fascinating, yet from time to time, challenging having to switch my thoughts between western and eastern mindsets when communicating with people from different cultural backgrounds.

Through time, I’ve discovered that my capacity of communicating in two different languages fluently through writing and conversing is not only my strength but also a way to reach more people.

Silversmithing in Ubud, Bali with Chez Monique Jewelry through Backstreet Academy

As a professional musician and a piano teacher, music is not only my passion but my lifetime work.

To show people they can pursue their passion and follow their callings to do what they love, I take actions in bringing MY passion together.

How Can We Work Together?

Here are the key elements of Notes of Jo – Where Music & Travel Meet The Soul and what the project strives to explore. I’d love to work with brands that share my niches and values, and I’d like to take parts to promote organizations that are dedicated to giving back to local communities and making a difference. If our interests align, let’s talk:

  • Responsible and mindful travel products
  • Sustainability in the travel business
  • Education in music and the arts
  • Wellness-related projects that are connected to music and travel

If you are a musician or artist who cares about one or all of the above, get in touch with me.

I am bilingual in English and Mandarin Chinese. While the blog is primarily written in English, I can also promote products on my Facebook with Mandarin Chinese readers if that’s something you’d be interested in.

If you have ideas in mind already, I am open to all possibilities. Simply send me a message and let’s discuss! 

Here are some of the ways to collaborate:

Content Marketing: Hire me to create high-quality content for your brand on my blog or your website. I’m very communicative and aim to create valuable contents that benefit all parties.

Press Trips, Destinations & Social Media Campaigns: My readers are travel & music aficionados. Partner with me to showcase your destination, event, experience, or a tour to the right audiences and raise awareness for your brand! Get in touch!

Product Reviews: Do you want to promote your products to people who care? I’d love to speak with you and try out your product! I write honest reviews and my readers value my opinions.

Sponsored Posts & Ads: We accept sponsored posts, links, and advertisements that are proper to the site. All posts will remain in the archives. Talk to me about the different opportunities and ways to showcase your business.

Other Collaboration: We welcomes collaboration with other bloggers, as well as musicians in forms of interview, feature, and content co-creation. Contact me to discuss more!

My Website & Social Stats (December 2018)


  • Our audiences are primary English speakers and read from Asia (41%), Americas (40%), and Europe (13%)
  • I focus on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook and have a combined number of 9100+ followers.
  • My readers are independent travellers, music enthusiasts, and culture aficionados. Most of the readers are between 25~34 of age. 52% are female. 

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