My Mission & Target Audience

I am Joanne Chen, the voice behind the music travel blog, Notes of Jo. With a focus on music and travel, the blog aims to share unique music and cultural experiences around the world with its readers. My audiences are independent travellers, music lovers, cultural activity enthusiasts who search for related travel inspiration, experience, and advice.

Prior to establishing Notes of Jo in late 2016, I have already built 4400+ loyal Mandarin-speaking followers through Facebook. My readers trust my suggestions with various topics including solo travel and studying/working abroad.

I believe that human interaction is an irreplaceable element in travelling, so I constantly look to connect with locals and to help people travel deeper. My blog following continues to grow rapidly with audiences from over 100+ countries.

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Who Am I & Why You Should Work With Me

As a professional musician and a piano teacher, music is not only my passion but my lifetime work. It has taken me to places and inspired me to travel since I was a kid. Originally from Taiwan, I moved to New York at 14 years old to pursue music study (without my parents following me.)

After receiving my master’s degree in classical piano performance in NYC, I moved back to Taiwan to continue my piano teaching career while maximizing my spare time to travel. Since 2014, I‘ve been exploring destinations across Europe, North America, and Asia, meeting musicians of different genres and capturing footage of local performances.Check Out Where I’ve Been

To encourage my audiences to travel for what they love, I bring music, culture, and experience together with my storytelling, photography, and videography skills. My diverse background, extensive experiences as a professional musician. Being bilingual also offers my readers a fresh perspective.

With my niche, I was featured in Thailand Nation TV’s travel reality show “The Passion.” Aside from having collaborated with a few online publications, I’ve also worked with companies including Avis UK, the Leading Culture Destinations Award, and Backstreet Academy to promote cultural destinations and experiences. Find Out More About Me

How Can We Work Together?

I am passionate about music and culture when I travel, so I’d love to work with brands that share my niches and values. I also believe in responsible travel and would like to promote organisations around the world that are dedicated to giving back to local communities and making a difference.

I am bilingual in English and Mandarin Chinese. While the blog is primarily written in English, I can promote your product on my Facebook with Mandarin Chinese readers if you wish.

Ready to Work With Jo?

If you have some ideas in mind already, I am open to sponsorships, partnerships, advertising opportunities, and other forms of collaborations. Simply send me a message! Contact Me

If You Don’t Have An Idea Yet, Here Are What I Offer:

Content Marketing: I offer music/cultural travel inspiration, tips, and destination guides to audiences through articles, photography, videography, and social media marketing. Hire me to create high-quality content for your brand on my blog or your website.

Press Trips, Destinations & Social Media Campaigns: My readers are travel/culture/music aficionados. Partner with me to showcase the cultural and artsy aspects of a destination, an event, or a tour to the right audiences and raise awareness for your brand! Get in touch!

Product Reviews: Do you want to promote your products to people who care? I’d love to speak with you and try out your product! I write honest reviews on travel and music related gears, tours, services, accommodations, and platforms.

Sponsored Posts & Ads: Notes of Jo accepts sponsored posts, links, and advertisements that are proper to the site. All posts will remain in the archive. Talk to me about the different opportunities & fees I offer on the blog.

Other Collaboration: Notes of Jo welcomes collaboration with other bloggers, as well as musicians in forms of interview, feature, and content co-creation. Contact me to discuss more!

My Website & Social Stats (November 2018)


  • The blog attracts organic readers from over 100+ countries around the world. Most of our audience reads from Asia (44%), North America (36%), and Europe (13%)
  • I focus on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube and have a combined number of 9100+ followers. 
  • My readers are across are independent travellers, music enthusiasts, and culture aficionados. Most of the readers are between 25~34 of age. 52% are female.

Features & Partnerships


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TEDx Wagor High School (葳格中學)
Taichung, Taiwan

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Avis UK + Leading Cultural Destination Awards
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Zuihuibi insurance platform 最惠比保險智能平台
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Womany 女人迷 (Traditional Chinese)
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