What we focus on and what we are conscious of is what creates our reality. As a relatively “young” person in my physical age, my friends sometimes joke that it feels like I’ve lived 5 different lives with the realities and lifestyle I’ve created for myself. From living in New York City as a classical musician to a semi-nomadic life traveling around Europe, America, and Asia; from working as a piano teacher in Shanghai to calling Bali my home … As I continue to dedicate my energy to reprogram myself, increase my awareness and expand my consciousness, I begin to fully enhance the creator within me and assist others to claim their authenticity.

You can call what I am coaching here the “Law of Attraction” or “Manifestation,” but to exercise the laws effortlessly, our inner talk, beliefs, and self-conception become everything.

“You can Be, Do, or Have anything you want.”

Abraham Hicks

As humans, we embodied the old programming that’s coming from our lineage that’s not our own. The old programming creates subconscious blocks that prevent us to connect and realize our dreams.

I am here to empower you and assist you to step into your authenticity and your god-self!

Here are some of my client’s testimonials:

Through Joanne’s guidance, I realize that I am surrounded by people and things I brought into my life. I remember during my first coaching session, Jo reminded me to love the products I am selling wholeheartedly. When I love it with all my heart, I’d share it authentically. That week, my sales within 4 hours were what I usually made in half a month. I went to South Korea that month to do wholesale purchases for the first time. In September, my sales performance doubled. Initially, I thought it was the result of my purchase in Korea, but the following October, November, and December, my sales performance continued to break my records … In the second coaching session, Jo guided me to go deeper and saw that my inner child needed to be soothed from the fear of making mistakes, which was the key to my transformation in January. Of course, Joanne gave me many suggestions and adjustments that needed to be made to the “order” I placed with the Universe. I am on the path of testing it. Thank you, Joanne. The coaching sessions are priceless.

Rara Tsai, Business Owner

 I just want to thank you from the bottom of my heart, since your email (coaching) inspired me to embark on a journey to find what I am passionate about, and what kind of lifestyle I want. The past few months had been wonderful. I took a three-month arts administrative course, treated myself a trip to Japan, moved out of my parents’ house, did four interviews in different fields, and I even tried my hand at programming! Each of those experiences helped me better understand myself. Even though I let some good opportunities slip away, I no longer feel stuck in life. I do think I’m moving forward and I’m getting closer to the answer I’ve been searching for. 


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