Bridging Your 3D Body With 5D “Christ” Consciousness

#TheRosslynCode is a divine download coming from a part of my soul remembrance … 

The code consists of ALL the necessary tools & knowledge for souls that are READY to build their own bridges and anchor in high vibration, and to have direct communication with Source Energy.

The age of having a middle man between man and Source energy is ending.

The traditional idea of priests, rabbis, pastors, psychics, healers will all become just an idea of the past, the old paradigm.

In the new paradigm, everyone is capable of becoming their own shaman in their own ways.

The old paradigm idea of “Channeling” won’t be something special anymore because we will all have the ability to do so once we fully embody and merge our human self and divine self.

And that’s my work here …

To lay the New Earth “Human Grid”

Humanity is not dying. Humanity is ascending and transcending.

The New Earth is ALREADY here – waiting for you to access.

Free support group will be available soon.

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