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Many are fascinated by moving and teaching in China, and relocating ourselves to another country is a great way to experience and have deeper understanding of a culture. There is plenty of information online about teaching English in China. However, what if you have another expertise you’d like to offer, such as music (or your particular instrument)?

If you’ve read my posts on teaching music or piano in China and want to know more, here’s what I offer in our conversation:

In-depth conversation, perspective, and information on:

  • The pros & cons of teaching Chinese students.
  • What are Chinese parents & expat parents like in China?
  • How to work with Chinese employers and what they are looking for.
  • The education system and the political situation in China and how it affects music/piano teachers.
  • Anything else you want to discuss related to piano teaching or working/living/traveling in China as a foreigner.
  • Connecting you to contacts in China.
QUICK TIP: A VPN is the only choice to access Google, Facebook, and other sites that are blocked by the Chinese government.

Ready to move? Here are the helps I can provide you:

  • Find out about the teaching rates of the region you’re interested in relocating to in China, so you don’t undercharge.
  • The essential tools you need to live in China.
  • Read and Translate your Chinese contract into English or vise Versa
  • Other assistance.

Interested in moving to Shanghai?

  • Provide you trustworthy housing agents contacts in Shanghai (and tips on how to deal with them.) Read my post on renting an apartment in Shanghai.
  • Offer you my musical connections in Shanghai.


  • I worked in Shanghai as a piano teacher for 2.5 years (2016 ~ 2019), and I’m bilingual in Mandarin Chinese & English.
  • I grew up, studied, and worked in both Chinese and western cultures, so I am experienced in bridging the gap between the two worlds.
  • I’m NOT a job placement agent. I’m simply here to offer you information that will support you in making a smooth transition into your new adventure in China, as well as giving you no-bullshit advice on everything that’s related to living in the country. If you’re serious about relocating to China, it’s best if you do some research and bring your questions/material to the conversation. The experience is ultimately yours!

Contact me for a quote on my consulting session.

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