7 Useful Tips for Teaching Music & Piano in China

In August 2016, I accepted a piano teaching position in Shanghai, China to embark a new chapter of my life. I began my piano teaching path as a substitute teacher teaching young children in 2008 when I was still a conservatory student in NYC. I also spent 2 years teaching University student at NYU. Afterward, I moved […]

Why You Should NOT Study Abroad (Or Stay For College) In The USA

I studied abroad in the USA, and yes, I am telling you not to. It isn’t because Donald Trump is the president now, but for many other pre-existed reasons before he came into the picture. I am not a US citizen, but I would urge those who are to also consider taking your college education somewhere […]

Coping with Stress that Comes with Living Abroad

Coping with stress that comes with living abroad is an essential skill for every expat. One of the hardest challenges of living abroad is making an unfamiliar place feels like home. It’s an issue that most people would meet when they first move to another country. But in fact, I’ve never considered this as a real problem […]

Travel to Shanghai: Cash or Credit Card?

You plan to travel to Shanghai, and you don’t know whether you should bring cash or just rely on your credit cards. I prefer exchanging foreign currency beforehand if possible, or I’ll withdraw money at my destination’s ATM. I would usually put away my credit card until I absolutely have to use it. However, managing money when […]