How I Told My Family & Friends I’ve Quit My job To Travel

Ever since I officially told my family and friends that I’ve quit my job to travel (First stop in Bali), I’ve been dealing with questions coming from different people every day. Talking about the unknown was all exciting in the beginning, but eventually, the conversations became exhausting. What are you going to do for two […]

3 Tested Travel Medical Insurance Plans for China Expats and Globetrotters

“Do I really need to buy a travel medical insurance?” Is possibly one of the most asked questions I’ve seen in the online travel community, and my answer is always YES, YES, and YES! Most of the time, we worry about travel plans getting disrupted or belongings getting lost in transit. Yet, we neglect the […]

Backstreet Academy Review: Medieval Knife Making in Siem Reap, Cambodia (Vlog)

In December 2018, we travelled in Cambodia for 10 days. I was looking for unique things to do in Siem Reap, Cambodia and came across Backstreet Academy’s website by accident. After checking out their site, I fell in love with their concept and philosophy. We decided to book Backstreet Academy’s medieval knife making class, and […]

My First Skiing Experience at Jundushan Ski Resort in Beijing (Vlog)

Coming from a semi-tropical island in the heart of Asia, skiing isn’t a sport that’s ordinary in my home country Taiwan. Even after I moved to upstate New York in the USA, learning how to ski still didn’t cross my mind. On the other hand, coming from a Scandinavian country, Jim enjoys skiing, and he […]

Surprise! This Is Your Hoi An Tailor Shop

Bright and early in the morning, Jim and I got off at a rest stop on our way to Hoi An. As usual, I rushed to the toilet while Jim browsed around to see if there’s anything to snack on for our last stretch. After I came out of the restroom, Jim was already speaking to […]

Who Can Travel the World With Me? A Question I No Longer Ask

who can travel the world with me

“Who can travel the world with me?” My Facebook notification kindly reminded me that once upon a time, how eager I was to have someone to explore the world with me. That was eight years ago. A year after I got bit by the travel bugs in Spain and the Netherlands in 2008. I try to […]

Travel Unplanned: An Adventure from Athens to Ohrid, Macedonia

Travelling from Athens to Ohrid, Macedonia was probably one of the more adventurous backpacking experiences I had. I got on the road unplanned (and without mobile data) except booking a one-way train ticket from Athens to Thessaloniki. Then, I left the rest to the universe! The journey involved two train rides, a taxi ride, a […]