3 Tested Travel Medical Insurance Plans for China Expats and Globetrotters

“Do I really need to buy a travel medical insurance?” Is possibly one of the most asked questions I’ve seen in the online travel community, and my answer is always YES, YES, and YES! Most of the time, we worry about travel plans getting disrupted or belongings getting lost in transit. Yet, we neglect the […]

May 2018 Blog Round-Up: Seoul, Suzhou, ITB China, and Backstreet Academy

In my last blog round-up, I mentioned that I booked a last-minute flight to Seoul, South Korea while I was still in Hong Kong in which made my May 2018 full of travels! It was a month of reminding myself who I am – A person who continuously looks for new experiences and embraces life […]

Shanghai Apartment Hunting 101: Where to Live in Shanghai

Shanghai Apartment Hunting 101

Jim and I both value high-quality living, and we want to make the best out our expat experience in Shanghai. Thus, choosing an ideal location for ourselves became our priority. When I moved to Shanghai alone in August 2016, I was lucky that my boss offered me to stay in her tiny 40-square-metre fifth-floor walk-up […]

Shanghai Qibao Old Town: Your Authentic One Day Escape

Shanghai Qibao Old Town is a charming little ancient quarter. The town has more than a thousand years of history. It’s near Qibao Metro Station on Line 8, and it’s less touristy than Yu Yuan Garden. In my opinion, you can get a more authentic and pleasant experience In Shanghai Qibao Old Town. Walking from […]

Travel to Shanghai: Cash or Credit Card?

You plan to travel to Shanghai, and you don’t know whether you should bring cash or just rely on your credit cards. I prefer exchanging foreign currency beforehand if possible, or I’ll withdraw money at my destination’s ATM. I would usually put away my credit card until I absolutely have to use it. However, managing money when […]

How to Eat Fresh and Safe in China: A Shanghai Grocery Shopping Guide

How to eat fresh and safe in Shanghai is one of my top concerns since I moved here, so I decided to organize a Shanghai grocery shopping guide, especially since China doesn’t have a good reputation when it comes to food safety. Shanghai has great – not just great, but tons of amazingly delicious, excellent […]