8 Places, 8 Pieces: A Musical Journey Through Italy

Italy is most likely on the top of every art lover’s travel bucket list. The peninsula gave birth to some of the greatest artists and brilliant minds. Painters, innovators, and writers like Da Vinci, Michelangelo, Dante, and Raphael left breathtaking treasures to our world. Yet, we often forget that music also plays a big role […]

5 of the World’s Best Cities for Music


If you’re a music fanatic, travelling the world provides many exciting opportunities to witness diverse music scenes. From different venues to genres, and rich histories that have music totally ingrained within them – here are just 5 of the world’s best cities for music, and what you should do when you’re there. Nashville, USA It […]

Cambodia Vlog: A Khmer Music Experience in Phnom Penh

In December 2017, we travelled to Phnom Penh, Cambodia and had the pleasure to learn how to play Khmer music instrument with local musicians. I was only going to write a post, but throughout the process of creating the blog post, I felt the urge to also make a vlog for this experience. I haven’t done […]

5 Reasons Why You Should Explore Local Music When You Travel

One of the most frequent questions I got after starting this blog is how do I travel with music. Do I look for people to jam with when I travel? Do I just listen to music when I travel? I know, “Travel with music” could sound pretty vague, but it’s simpler than you think because […]

Hanoi, Vietnam – Where Vietnamese Traditional Music Comes Alive

The Vietnamese traditional music performance at Temple of Literature

Before I came to Vietnam, I tried to think of what I knew about Vietnamese traditional music, and I realised that I knew absolutely nothing. I could mostly guess that Vietnamese traditional music has a certain level of Chinese influences due to its history, but I didn’t want to assume. That’s just rude (although later […]

How to Find Cheap and Free Concerts in NYC: An Insider’s Guide

As a former conservatory student in New York City, I’ve developed several tricks and ideas on how to find cheap and free concerts in NYC over the years. Of course, I’d like to encourage everyone to buy a ticket to go to concerts as a way to support performing arts, but I understand the price is […]