6 Benefits of Becoming Vegan

If I have free will, why would I choose to be vegan and limit myself to only eating plants? A year and a half ago, if you told me I will become vegan, I’d laugh. I used to go to steak night and chicken wing nights when I lived in Shanghai, which wasn’t even that […]

Chill Things To Do & Travel Tips For 2 Days in Seoul, Vol. 1 (Vlog)

Are you living in Asia and want a quick weekend Getaway, or if you’re travelling in Asia and planning to make a transit in Seoul flying from the west to other Asian countries. Consider spending your 2 days in Seoul. I made a spontaneous decision about going to Seoul last month, and it was some of the best 2-days […]

Nanjing Duck, And Other Nanjing Food You Need To Try

nanjing food

Nanjing is an ancient capital of six Chinese dynasties. Less than an hour away from Shanghai by the bullet train, western travellers often overlooked Nanjing when travelling in China. Located in Jiangsu Province, this beautiful city had seen the rise and fall of China. Why Should You Visit Nanjing? For my Taiwanese readers, Nanjing has everything […]

20+ Affordable and Fantastic Things to Do in Copenhagen, Vol. 2

Welcome to the second part of my affordable and fantastic things to do in Copenhagen! You can see the first issue here. In this volume of things to do in Copenhagen, you’ll find: Places to eat, social, and relax in Copenhagen. What and where to shop for souvenirs and designer stuff. Addresses and links to […]

20+ Affordable and Fantastic Things to Do in Copenhagen, Vol. 1

Hey, I know. You’re probably thinking: Oh Geez, another “Things to Do in Copenhagen” post out of hundreds of them on the internet! But here we are. I am writing another “things to do in Copenhagen” post. I LOVE Copenhagen so much that I returned to the city few months after my first visit. Also, […]

Satisfy Your Cravings for Asian Food in Copenhagen

asian food in Copenhagen

Getting Asian food in Copenhagen isn’t one of the top things people would do when visiting the city. Well, as one of the major capitals in Scandinavia, Copenhagen offers cuisines from worldwide. In fact, it’s probably the food mecca in Nordic countries. I am quite adventurous when it comes to exploring exotic international food. Yet, […]