Satisfy Your Cravings for Asian Food in Copenhagen

asian food in Copenhagen

Getting Asian food in Copenhagen isn’t one of the top things people would do when visiting the city. Well, as one of the major capitals in Scandinavia, Copenhagen offers cuisines from worldwide. In fact, it’s probably the food mecca in Nordic countries. I am quite adventurous when it comes to exploring exotic international food. Yet, […]

A Week in Rhodes Island, Greece: Photos and Things You Need to Know

A week in rhodes island greece photos

We spent a week in Rhodes Island, Greece in the summer of 2016, and we can tell you that as a part of the Greek archipelago, the island of Rhodes is underrated! When speaking of the Greek islands, Santorini or Mykonos are usually what comes to everyone’s mind. And in fact, Santorini was the first Greek island […]

Photo Blog: A Week in Budapest

A Week in Budapest

I spent nearly a week in Budapest during the summer of 2015, and I have many great memories attached to this charming European city. Not only was I impressed with the warm hospitality of Hungarians, but I also got to meet up with few musician friends from my time in the states! After travelling alone […]

A Summer Tale of Dracula: Bran Castle in Romania

I thought to share my travel story of Bran Castle in Romania would suit the Halloween spirit quite well. Also known as Dracula’s Castle, I visited Bran Castle in the summer of 2015. (I also went to Greece and Bulgaria that summer. Read my story in Athens during Greece’s Referendum and the awesome free food tour I […]

The 2015 Greek Referendum: When I was in Athens.

I took off from Hong Kong, transferred in Moscow, and landed in Athens on June 28, 2015. I saw the ATM at the airport had the longest lines I had seen when I met up with my friend R who is hosting me for my first week in Greece. I didn’t understand why people seemed […]

Tarator: Bulgarian Cold Cucumber Yogurt Soup (Vegan)

Before I visited the Balkans, I didn’t know what to expect when it comes to food. I soon learned that Balkan cuisine not always, but usually, consists of lots of meat. Therefore, I was pleasantly surprised when I had the opportunity to participate in a vegetarian/vegan food walking tour while in Sofia, Bulgaria and had […]

Kaviar: My Favourite Swedish Delight

Before I started dating Jim, (who is Swedish,) my knowledge of Swedish food all came from what IKEA has in their store restaurant: Swedish meatballs, mashed potatoes, gravy, and lingonberry sauce. I also know the term “fika” in which the general meaning is having tea or coffee and pastry with a friend or colleague (read […]