8 Places, 8 Pieces: A Musical Journey Through Italy

Italy is most likely on the top of every art lover’s travel bucket list. The peninsula gave birth to some of the greatest artists and brilliant minds. Painters, innovators, and writers like Da Vinci, Michelangelo, Dante, and Raphael left breathtaking treasures to our world. Yet, we often forget that music also plays a big role […]

May 2018 Blog Round-Up: Seoul, Suzhou, ITB China, and Backstreet Academy

In my last blog round-up, I mentioned that I booked a last-minute flight to Seoul, South Korea while I was still in Hong Kong in which made my May 2018 full of travels! It was a month of reminding myself who I am – A person who continuously looks for new experiences and embraces life […]

Finding Concerts at An 1100 Years Old Church: Ohrid Summer Festival

Ohrid, Macedonia is an emerging travel destination that has breathtaking nature and rich history. In fact, Lake Ohrid is one of only 28 sites that’s a UNESCO world heritage in both culture and nature categories. The lake is the biggest, deepest lake in the Balkan peninsula that hosts many rare and endangered species. Ohrid also […]

Aachen, Germany: An Awesome German City to Visit In Spring

aachen germany spring

I visited Aachen, Germany in the Spring of 2016.┬áThis was my second time visiting Germany, and guess what? Germany was the first European country that I could see myself living in, namely Berlin.┬áDid you know I even took half a year of German course? I finished the entire A1 course and was a quarter into […]

Travel Unplanned: An Adventure from Athens to Ohrid, Macedonia

Travelling from Athens to Ohrid, Macedonia was probably one of the more adventurous backpacking experiences I had. I got on the road unplanned (and without mobile data) except booking a one-way train ticket from Athens to Thessaloniki. Then, I left the rest to the universe! The journey involved two train rides, a taxi ride, a […]

20+ Affordable and Fantastic Things to Do in Copenhagen, Vol. 2

Welcome to the second part of my affordable and fantastic things to do in Copenhagen! You can see the first issue here. In this volume of things to do in Copenhagen, you’ll find: Places to eat, social, and relax in Copenhagen. What and where to shop for souvenirs and designer stuff. Addresses and links to […]

20+ Affordable and Fantastic Things to Do in Copenhagen, Vol. 1

Hey, I know. You’re probably thinking: Oh Geez, another “Things to Do in Copenhagen” post out of hundreds of them on the internet! But here we are. I am writing another “things to do in Copenhagen” post. I LOVE Copenhagen so much that I returned to the city few months after my first visit. Also, […]