Travel Unplanned: An Adventure from Athens to Ohrid, Macedonia

Travelling from Athens to Ohrid, Macedonia was probably one of the more adventurous backpacking experiences I had. I got on the road unplanned (and without mobile data) except booking a one-way train ticket from Athens to Thessaloniki. Then, I left the rest to the universe! The journey involved two train rides, a taxi ride, a […]

The 2015 Greek Referendum: When I was in Athens.

I took off from Hong Kong, transferred in Moscow, and landed in Athens on June 28, 2015. I saw the ATM at the airport had the longest lines I had seen when I met up with my friend R who is hosting me for my first week in Greece. I didn’t understand why people seemed […]

Tarator: Bulgarian Cold Cucumber Yogurt Soup (Vegan)

Before I visited the Balkans, I didn’t know what to expect when it comes to food. I soon learned that Balkan cuisine not always, but usually, consists of lots of meat. Therefore, I was pleasantly surprised when I had the opportunity to participate in a vegetarian/vegan food walking tour while in Sofia, Bulgaria and had […]