Backstreet Academy Review: Medieval Knife Making in Siem Reap, Cambodia (Vlog)

In December 2018, we travelled in Cambodia for 10 days. I was looking for unique things to do in Siem Reap, Cambodia and came across Backstreet Academy’s website by accident. After checking out their site, I fell in love with their concept and philosophy. We decided to book Backstreet Academy’s medieval knife making class, and […]

Vlog: Hong Kong 3-Day Itinerary and Useful Tips You Need to Know

We went to Hong Kong during China’s Labor Day Weekend and saw as much as we could. Here’s my Hong Kong 3-day itinerary vlog concentrated into a 10+ minutes episode. If you want to know more details, continue within the article, you will find more details to the places we visited in Hong Kong. If […]

Where to Stay in Phnom Penh, Cambodia: SIM Boutique Hotel

In December 2017, Jim and I took a 10 days trip to Cambodia. We wanted to reward ourselves with something nice as a quick escape from Shanghai’s craziness. After a lot of research on where to stay in Phnom Penh, Cambodia, SIM Boutique Hotel stood out and became our first choice. The Location We arrived Phnom […]

My First Skiing Experience at Jundushan Ski Resort in Beijing (Vlog)

Coming from a semi-tropical island in the heart of Asia, skiing isn’t a sport that’s ordinary in my home country Taiwan. Even after I moved to upstate New York in the USA, learning how to ski still didn’t cross my mind. On the other hand, coming from a Scandinavian country, Jim enjoys skiing, and he […]

Beijing Travel Tips: What You Really Need to Know

I visited Beijing with my family back in 2005. 13 years later, Jim and I traveled to Beijing together during China’s lunar new year in 2018. It was intriguing for me to see how the city has changed and evolved, and we had a lot of fun. Of course, as a native Mandarin speaker, travel […]