Shanghai Qibao Old Town: Your Authentic One Day Escape

Shanghai Qibao Old Town is a charming little ancient quarter. The town has more than a thousand years of history. It’s near Qibao Metro Station on Line 8, and it’s less touristy than Yu Yuan Garden. In my opinion, you can get a more authentic and pleasant experience In Shanghai Qibao Old Town. Walking from […]

Travel to Shanghai: Cash or Credit Card?

You plan to travel to Shanghai, and you don’t know whether you should bring cash or just rely on your credit cards. I prefer exchanging foreign currency beforehand if possible, or I’ll withdraw money at my destination’s ATM. I would usually put away my credit card until I absolutely have to use it. However, managing money when […]

How to Eat Fresh and Safe in China: A Shanghai Grocery Shopping Guide

How to eat fresh and safe in Shanghai is one of my top concerns since I moved here, so I decided to organize a Shanghai grocery shopping guide, especially since China doesn’t have a good reputation when it comes to food safety. Shanghai has great – not just great, but tons of amazingly delicious, excellent […]

7 Valuable Skills You Need for Travel in Shanghai

Shanghai is a fun place for someone who craves for multicultural experiences. It’s the most international city in China. Yet, despite it being the most “cultured” city in China, there are still many things that shock me from time to time. I acquired some life hacks after a month living in Shanghai, and I have […]