Animal Cruelty in China

That was an early chill November morning. I was still living in that apartment in Shanghai having my regular morning routine (whatever that was.) Yet, what was unusual that day was the dreadful sound coming from outside. It was the kind of sound a sad puppy would make. I tried to ignore it, but the despair […]

Explore China’s Dali Old Town: A Little Travel Guide

Dali Old Town (大理古城) is a historical city in Yunnan Province of southern China that was first emerged as the capital of Nanzhao Kingdom in the 8th century. I learned about Dali when I was a kid. Dali was one of the places that played a significant role in my favourite Chinese martial arts and chivalry […]

My First Skiing Experience at Jundushan Ski Resort in Beijing (Vlog)

Coming from a semi-tropical island in the heart of Asia, skiing isn’t a sport that’s ordinary in my home country Taiwan. Even after I moved to upstate New York in the USA, learning how to ski still didn’t cross my mind. On the other hand, coming from a Scandinavian country, Jim enjoys skiing, and he […]

Beijing Travel Tips: What You Really Need to Know

I visited Beijing with my family back in 2005. 13 years later, Jim and I traveled to Beijing together during China’s lunar new year in 2018. It was intriguing for me to see how the city has changed and evolved, and we had a lot of fun. Of course, as a native Mandarin speaker, travel […]

Nanjing Duck, And Other Nanjing Food You Need To Try

nanjing food

Nanjing is an ancient capital of six Chinese dynasties. Less than an hour away from Shanghai by the bullet train, western travellers often overlooked Nanjing when travelling in China. Located in Jiangsu Province, this beautiful city had seen the rise and fall of China. Why Should You Visit Nanjing? For my Taiwanese readers, Nanjing has everything […]

Why I stopped calling “Chinese New Year” Chinese New Year

You may know that in China, Chinese New Year is a much more important holiday than Christmas or New Year’s Eve. (In fact, since 2018, China has banned the celebration of all western holidays altogether.) You may know that even though the entire world welcomes January 1st as the new year, in China, people celebrate New […]