7 Useful Tips for Teaching Music & Piano in China

In August 2016, I accepted a piano teaching position in Shanghai, China to embark a new chapter of my life. I began my piano teaching path as a substitute teacher teaching young children in 2008 when I was still a conservatory student in NYC. I also spent 2 years teaching University student at NYU. Afterward, I moved […]

How to Help My Kid to Practice the Piano at Home: A Parents’ Guide

How to help my kid to practice the piano at home is a question that many parents would ask when they start their children with piano lessons. Before we begin on the “how,” I want to first say that taking piano lessons (or other instrumental lessons) is not only about learning how to play. It […]

5 Steps to Creating Your First Teaching Philosophy

Teaching philosophy is one of the most immediate ways to give your prospective employer or student parents an idea of your teaching style and what you can offer in your lessons. It’s an important piece of information every professional music educator needs to have in their profile. It’s not always, but often requested when you […]