Animal Cruelty in China

That was an early chill November morning. I was still living in that apartment in Shanghai having my regular morning routine (whatever that was.) Yet, what was unusual that day was the dreadful sound coming from outside. It was the kind of sound a sad puppy would make. I tried to ignore it, but the despair […]

Watch Out, Skyscanner Users: Don’t Book Through eDreams

I’m a loyal Skyscanner user. Ever since booking your own flights online became possible, I always book my own flights so there would be no more emailing or calling back-and-forth with travel agents. Sometimes, I book directly on airline websites if they got better deals, but usually, Skyscanner is my go-to. It is just a […]

Why You Should NOT Study Abroad (Or Stay For College) In The USA

I studied abroad in the USA, and yes, I am telling you not to. It isn’t because Donald Trump is the president now, but for many other pre-existed reasons before he came into the picture. I am not a US citizen, but I would urge those who are to also consider taking your college education somewhere […]

Why I Miss NYC: 10 Reasons From A Former New Yorker

I miss NYC

I miss NYC. I knew I would miss the city when I left in the summer of 2013, but I wouldn’t know I would miss it to this extent. Having lived in NYC for six years, the city has become a part of me, and I believe I have the legitimacy to call myself a […]

Why I stopped calling “Chinese New Year” Chinese New Year

You may know that in China, Chinese New Year is a much more important holiday than Christmas or New Year’s Eve. (In fact, since 2018, China has banned the celebration of all western holidays altogether.) You may know that even though the entire world welcomes January 1st as the new year, in China, people celebrate New […]

Coping with Stress that Comes with Living Abroad

Coping with stress that comes with living abroad is an essential skill for every expat. One of the hardest challenges of living abroad is making an unfamiliar place feels like home. It’s an issue that most people would meet when they first move to another country. But in fact, I’ve never considered this as a real problem […]