Notes of Jo is a project that aims to bring the connection between music, travel and conscious-living (the soul) to light.

Through travelling and experiencing local music around the world, I seek to inspire my audience to travel deeper and to learn different ways of life through arts and humanities. While I strive to offer helpful travel information, exploring the relation between music, humanity and our consciousness is the core.

I value experiences.

Connecting with locals and their daily lives, asking about the kind of music they fancy, and learning about their beliefs are important components of my travel.

Find traditional music performances in Hanoi, Vietnam and get the insider scoop on where to find cheap & free concerts in NYC

I love researching relative information when it comes music and arts.

I share my discovery of local arts, music, and architecture around the world through writing, videography, and photography.

And to learn different ways of life, 

I interview musicians and artists about the creative lives they consciously chose to lead.

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And here’s a little bit about me.

I am originally from Taiwan, and I left home to move to New York when I was 14 to pursue music studies. I acquired a bachelor’s and a master’s degree in classical piano performance from conservatories in NYC after spending 10 years in the States.

I’ve lived in New York, Taipei and Shanghai, actively working as a pianist and a teacher for past 15 years.

When there’s music playing, no matter where I am, I listen.

Heck, I moved all the way to New York to pursue my studies in classical music when I was 14 on my own will. That should already tell you something, right?

I love exploring new places by feet or on the two wheels.
I also love food, coffee, fitness, and camping.
Going to exotic beaches and trying out local cuisines,
visiting museums, seeing concerts are some of my favourite things to do.

I choose to leave the stability and leap into the unknown in February 2019.

For how long? I have no idea.

All I know is I am listening to my intuition to follow my callings.

If you resonate with my vision and believe that there’s something we can contribute to this world collectively, talk to me.
Let’s work together.

I am a proud ambassador for Backstreet Academy
A peer-to-peer impact travel platform offering on-demand unique travel experiences crafted by local experts in developing countries.

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