Notes of Jo is a transformation consulting service for individuals and businesses with a specialization in travel, entertainment (music & arts), education, and hospitality industries.

Whether you are an individual who wishes to find your purpose that aligns with your true desire; or a business eagers to shine and redefine its core value, we are here to help you unlock your full potential and create your desired reality.

In addition, we offer 1:1 transformational consulting/guidance session for EVERYONE, as well as content creation for heart-based businesses and individuals that are in-tuned with our core value. Please refer to our collaboration page for more details.

Contact us directly to schedule a consultation or you already have an idea of how you want to co-create.

About Jo

An infinite, graceful soul that’s in a human container, Jo(anne) uses the energetic vibration of music and words to heal, unlock and transcend. Coming from a multi-cultural background, she was born in Taiwan and moved to New York at 14 on her own to pursue a life she desires. She values experiences and has partaken different roles in entertainment (arts and music), travel, education, and hospitality industries in both East and West.

A transformational artist, educator, energy worker, writer, pianist, and traveler, she has performed and worked as a professional musician since the age of 8 across the US, Asia, and Europe. With more than 12 years of coaching experiences, she finds joy in servicing as many people as she can and helping her clients to step into their power, so everyone can live their lives to the fullest and manifest their desire effortlessly.

Having lived and worked in New York, Taipei, and Shanghai, she now finds her home in Bali. She is the creator of “Music Teachers Are Energy Workers.” & “Conscious Living Taiwan.” Along with offering transformation consulting service, she also offers piano lessons and sound healing/alchemy sessions (1:1 & group) both online and offline.