If I have free will, why would I choose to be vegan and limit myself to only eating plants? A year and a half ago, if you told me I will become vegan, I’d laugh. I used to go to steak night and chicken wing nights when I lived in Shanghai, which wasn’t even that long ago. Today, being vegan has become a big part of me – It’s undoubtedly a big shift, but I wholeheartedly welcome this change. I want to share with you why I chose a vegan lifestyle and the benefits of becoming vegan.

My body feels better after I turn to veganism.

I had the intention of doing less harm whether it’s to the planet, to other sentient beings, and to my own body. I listened to my body and let it decide what it wants to consume, and I pay attention to how I feel after I eat.

My body feels lighter, and I actually lost 10kg since I began to change my diet. My skin also became healthier without any additional skincare products. Glowing from inside out is real! I also have more clarity in my mind, and I don’t remember when is the last time I went into a “food coma” after a meal!

vegan benefits By Cafe Tegallalang Bali

I am saving lives one bite at a time.

No matter how humane we try to be when we send animals to slaughterhouses, killing is killing. Not to mention that many lives are being disposed of simply because they are not fit to produce. Did you know that newborn baby cows are being taken away from mama cows because the dairy industry wants to extract cow milk for profits? Honestly, what human is doing to other animals has no difference from what the Nazis were doing to the others!

In addition, our physical body is not built to hunt despite we possess the intellect to build weapons. All lives matter.

I became more conscious about my relationship with my surroundings, and that change my relationship with everything, including myself.

Since I became vegan, I am more mindful of what I choose to invest my energy in, whether it’s in the form of physical currency (money) or vibration (my attention.) I also feel more peaceful in general, and I am more sensitive to how I respond and react to people and circumstances.

In other words, I can sense energy better because by excluding animal products & processed food in my diet and focusing on plants, I am consuming those of higher vibration. And the higher vibrational emotions are peace, love, and compassion.

Every cent we spend shapes the world we live in. Choosing a vegan lifestyle is choosing love.

I learn to love myself more.

“Self-Love” isn’t just about pampering myself with massage, bubble bath and having “ME” time. It’s also NOT about indulging in comfort food when I am down. After becoming vegan, I realized self-love is about integrating discipline and caring about what I put into my body and be loyal to this temple I choose to have a human experience in – and that includes the body care products I use and the food I consume.

I Am Not A Burden to Mama Earth.

Most of us already knew that by reducing our meat consumption, we are also reducing carbon emission. 80% of our soils are used for livestock. By going vegan, we save our earth from excessive reclamation. The animals human consume are all plant-based anyways, so why not just gain nutrition from plants directly?

vegan benefits vegan meal healthy food

Vegan Food Tastes better and is more nutritious.

Beans, vegetables, grains, and fruits often contain multiple nutrients that are super beneficial to our bodies. A vegan diet has more benefits and is lower in calories in comparison to consuming animal products. Also, do you realize that most of the meat dishes are actually all spiced with plants? Then why not just eat plants?

I was also fortunate to start my vegan journey in Bali, the island that consists of the best vegan cuisine on the planet. The creativity and love that went into the preparation of the tasty vegan meals here are the next levels. Frankly, I don’t miss eating animal fat at all! Getting inspiration and tips from people who’ve been vegan for more than a decade definitely made this transition much smoother than I expected as well. Preparing a healthy vegan meal is also easier than I thought!

Would you be interested in how I switch my mindset into practicing veganism effortlessly? Drop a comment ?

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