I moved to Bali on the last day of May 2019. Lots of changes happened to me during this time, which means that this blog is also shifting into something new – Something I wholeheartedly welcome!

This is a brief summary of what’s going on in my life in the past 4 months. (May-August 2019)

Photo by Brian McPartlan

What I’ve been through wasn’t all flower, unicorn, and butterflies. In fact, it was mentally, emotionally, and spiritually challenging for a while, but I am super grateful to have these experiences.

Just to give you a brief idea of the changes that happened with me in the past 4 months:

  • Moved to Bali.
  • Turned vegan. (I still eat eggs and honey very occasionally if I crave for it because I don’t believe in restriction.)
  • Stopped using any products that contain harmful chemicals, as well as eating all processed food.
  • Started to perform as a soloist and a collaborative musician again. (Several public performances are coming in which I’ll share on my new site.)
  • Composing again and am building a new website specifically for my own music and music-related services.
  • Still teaching the piano, but I’ve come to a new level of understanding on how to do it effortlessly and at the same time, help people learning the instrument with minimum struggles.
  • Started a new service (non-music-related) in helping people to effortlessly create the life they desire.

The blog is currently going through renovation.

I will officially share my new service on the blog soon as I really want to show people that there are infinite possibilities in our lives, and there are absolutely no limits. My intention is to help people finding the most suitable tools for them to exercise and harnessing this power we all have.

Is this still a travel blog?

It’s never JUST a travel blog. My intention of this blog since the moment I bought the domain was to allow it to evolve with me. I will still write travel-related posts, and I welcome suitable sponsorships and collaboration in which you’ll find on my new work with me page soon.

So stay tuned. I am sending love from Bali!

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