I love connecting with local artists and musicians when I travel, so when I traveled to Ubud, Bali, I booked a silver jewelry making class with Backstreet Academy. (I participated in the class in July 2018, so yes, this is a long overdue post, but that does not change the awesomeness of this experience!)

Duration: 2.5 hours to 3 hours
Location: Central Ubud

A pleasant afternoon at a Balinese traditional home

I arrived Chez Monique’s Balinese silver jewelry making class near central Ubud late in the morning. The class was at silversmith Chez Monique’s traditional Balinese home. I immediately fell in love with the peaceful vibe as soon as I stepped in. Chez greeted us with a big smile and offered us Balinese coffee. (Hands down, Bali seriously has the best coffee in Southeast Asia.)

Chez gave me just enough instructions and left as much time as I needed to work on my ring. I had the option of creating my own designs as the template choose a design from their design books. We Began the process by drawing the design on paper. I chose a tree as my design in which symbolizes the growth I was yearning for.

The whole experience was not only fun but also therapeutic. I loved the concentration I had to give to chisel out the pattern I designed on the silver plate.

After I finished with my chiseling, the silversmith helped helped me with the rest of the process, including oxidization, some polishing, and welding.

I had such a wonderful morning (fueled by lots of Balinese coffee) that I actually almost forgot my spa appointment in the afternoon. I’m totally in love with my little artwork, and I’ve been wearing my ring every single day since.

Bring a piece of your travel memory with you

If you are looking for alternative things to do when you visit Ubud, consider arranging this silver making class into your schedule. For me, traveling is all about the people I’ve met on the road and the memory I created with them. Being able to spend time with the locals is also a great way to get to know a place. Instead of spending money on another souvenir that everyone else has, why not create your own by immersing yourself in traditional Balinese culture?

What is Backstreet Academy?

Backstreet Academy is a peer-to-peer travel platform that connects travelers to local artists and artisans who are devoted to their crafts. Through participating in a Backstreet Academy experience, we get to meet people who we wouldn’t have met, and to have the opportunity bringing back memories, skills, and gifts that are made with our own hands.

Check out my amazing experiences with the Academy in both Siem Reap (knife making) and Phnom Penh (traditional music class).

I’m a Backstreet Academy ambassador. By using the link in this post to book the experience, you will help me to sustain running this blog. Thank you!

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