Bali is great if you want to find a place to chill and take care of yourself for some time, and Indonesia has a friendly free 30-day tourist visa for 140 nationalities in the world. I already knew that 30-day wouldn’t be enough for me as I totally fell in love with the island when I was here last time (August 2018), so I was quite determined to stay in Bali for more than 30 days after I quit my job. This post is a simple, step-by-step instruction that guides you through the complete process of getting your Indonesia 60-day tourist visa extension in Bali.

**This post is written in March 2019. Rules and regulations may change later, so please do some additional search yourself just in case.**

Many people choose to use an agent or fly to Singapore/Kuala Lumpur and back to avoid the process, but I was determined to do the Indonesia 60 Day tourist visa extension by myself. (I personally prefer to see through the whole process instead of putting it in someone else’s hands.) I’m not going to lie – It’s quite time-consuming, but it’s very straight forward.

Key Facts for Bali and Indonesia:

**This post only discusses the 60-day tourist visa extension. If you want to stay longer than 60 days, you need other extension visas such as social or KITAS. Please check here.**

Before you go through the immigration at the airport (whether you use an agent or not):

  1. You must pay $35 USD for your VISA ON ARRIVAL (VOA) BEFORE you go through the immigration at the airport. There’s a little counter on the left side. (You’ll actually go through immigration faster because you won’t be in the same line as the people who are entering Bali visa-free.)
  2. You need to give them a specific date of departure that’s within 60 days after your arrival even if you don’t have a departure ticket yet.
  3. You will receive a little purple slip at the airport. That is your VOA Payment. Guard it with your life because you’ll need this at the immigration office for your application submission. 
**Important Notes**

The documents you’ll need to prepare to bring to Immigration:

**Find out where you can make copies around Bali** (It should cost you no more than IDR 2,000.)

Before you go to the immigration office:

Go as early as possible to avoid the long line. I arrived around 10 am and thought that was early enough, but I was wrong. In fact, I didn’t get to submit my application until 1:30 pm as they were on break from 12 pm – 1 pm! (there were 5 numbers left until it was my turn before they took the break. Talking about poor luck.)

Avoid handling your Bali 60-day tourist visa extension process during or even the day or 2 after the Balinese holidays. 

I definitely learned this the hard way – I drove 30 minutes and tried to submit my application the day after Nyepi (Balinese New Year), and that did not work out at all. I actually checked the Denpasar immigration office’s official website for their business hours. The website said they’d accept application submission that day. IT WAS A LIE.

Contact the office first if you want to make sure which one you need to go for the submission!

I also learned that I COULD NOT apply at the Denpasar office if I used my hostel’s address in Canggu. Some blog posts on the web said you should go to the one that’s the closest to you. That is NOT exactly how it works. 

Canggu is the odd baby – If you live Canggu, you need to go to the Nusa Dua Office. NOT the closest office to you. (It sucks because the Denpasar Office is so much closer!) I had accommodation booked in Ubud, so I just stayed in Canggu and used the address of my homestay in Ubud to apply for the visa. 

The rest of the tourist areas such as Kuta, Seminyak, Uluwatu, Legion, and Jimbaran all go to the Nusa Dua Office.

Day 1: 60-Day Extension Tourist Visa Application Submission

Just hit the screen to get a ticket. The machine is a piece of crap.
  1. Pick a ticket number from the machine, have all your documents ready and wait.
  2. After the officer takes your application form, you wait for them to call your name to pick up your payment receipt (bukti pengantar pembayaran) at counter B. The receipt should have your photo & interview date on it.
  3. Go to the little orange van right outside of the office and use the receipt to pay your IDR 355k. After you pay, they will return the same receipt to you and staple the “actual” payment receipt to it (So you get two payment receipts in total.) 

Day 2: Photo & Interview 

  1. Go to counter 4 (not the machine) that says “Reporting for Photo” to get a ticket number (begin with letter C) and wait. 
  2. In the photo & Interview room, they will ask for your fingerprints (all 10 fingers one by one!), as well as several standard questions, such as:

After they’ve taken your picture and finished the interview, they will return the same payment receipt you got last time with the pick-up date, and you are free to go! 

Day 3: Pick-up Day

This is the easy one! Just go to the office between 1-4 pm with your receipt to pick up your passport, and you are all set to enjoy the rest of your time in Indonesia! 

**On Day 2, the officer at the interview told me that I must come to pick up my passport before 1:30 pm, which was a lie! (Or I was hallucinating.) The officer still gave me my passport with my visa extension step on it when I was there at 8:20 am though.

I hope this is helpful to you, and I hope you have an awesome time in Bali!

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