One of my 2018 new year resolutions is to create more videos from my travels because writing is simply not enough to deliver the full picture, especially when a big part of all my trips involves music and cultural experiences. Therefore, 2 weeks ago, I finally put the making of my YouTube channel trailer in action!

This one-minute video took me way longer than I expected, mostly because I was very sick for a whole week and lost my voice. Please SUBSCRIBE to my YouTube channel! I need 100 subscribers to change my channel username. Your support means everything to me!

What Making this video means to me?

Although this isn’t the first travel video I made this month, it’s THE ONE that defines why I do what I do – to help people travel deeper and to connect with local culture when they travel. With videos, it also allows me to be more authentic. However, I procrastinated forever to start seriously producing videos again, and it all began with one question:

Are you still making videos?

The person who asked me this question is my high school film&video/photography teacher. I was back in Troy, New York (footage in the video) for the reunion in June 2017. In comparison to writing (which I enjoy), making videos feel more natural to me – it’s something I can go with my instinct. The question puts me back on track, which is to really devote my energy into videography.

My Alma Mater in Troy, New York.

My teacher might have already forgotten about this interaction, but it stuck with me and basically altered the direction of my blog!

So here’s my epiphany of the month:

Sometimes, it only takes one simple action to change someone’s life.

Other vlog and blog posts this month

The short video of my first ski experience in Beijing was a test run for reclaiming my video-making skill. It wasn’t exactly a music or culture related video, but I had a lot of fun in the production process. If you’re interested in knowing more info about skiing in Beijing, check out my blog post.

Besides sharing travel activities, I am looking to work with brands that align with my philosophy for my upcoming travels. I wrote about our gorgeous stay at SIM Boutique Hotel in Phnom Penh, Cambodia. It was possibly one of the chicest hotels I’ve stayed at! If you’re thinking about a trip to Phnom Penh, consider this hotel for your accommodation.

Flights are booked! I’ve decided our next travel destination.

We’re going to Hong Kong during the Labor Day weekend in May! Jim asked me to pick our next destination, and since he has never been to Hong Kong before, Hong Kong is on the list. However, my main agenda is to get a new laptop because my late-2011 MacBook Pro isn’t really holding up anymore. Did you know that buying electronics in Hong Kong is tax-free?!

Hong Kong 2015 at Victoria Harbour! Thanks to my lovely flight attendant friend Angela for the photo!

The first time I visited Hong Kong was back in 2015, which was before I began this blog. I didn’t really see much during that trip because I was busy meeting old friends who live in Hong Kong. This round, we are going to experience local culture as much as we can. We are also going to Macau for one day since it’s only a short ferry ride away. Macau is a new destination for me, so I am excited!

I’m super active on Instagram! (Well, relatively.)

This past month, I realised how much I enjoy making Instagram stories, so I am messing with it as much as I can! I also found the ‘gram to be the best way for me to interact with my followers. In my profile highlight, you can find the stories of my experience living in a Shanghai Lane House. If you are moving to Shanghai, I urge you to read my post on apartment hunting in Shanghai. It’s a great starter for Shanghai newbies.  Come stalk me on Instagram to see my day-to-day life as an expat in Shanghai! And of course, to see my lovely travel photos and short videos!


The best decision ever: I quit my international school piano teaching job.

While teaching the piano is still my main source of income, I want to transit my main focus from piano teaching to blogging and vlogging. I am working harder than ever to meet my goal. Earlier this March, a great opportunity presented itself and helped me quit the unsatisfying piano teaching job I had at the school. I’m going to miss the kids of course, but I still have 16 piano students, and most likely, I will continue to teach the rest of them until the day I leave Shanghai.

My little (former) Japanese student and I.

Jim’s parents are in town!

At the end of March, Jim’s parents travelled all the way from Sweden to see us and brought us bags of ground coffee and Müsli. (These things are expensive in Shanghai!) This is their first time in Asia. Unfortunately, I have to work on Saturdays, so I couldn’t travel with them to Beijing. They will be here through mid-April, and I look forward to showing them around! We’ve done a lot of sight-seeing already including many of things I haven’t done since I moved to Shanghai. I’ll share away soon!

The goods we smuggled from Sweden!

I decided to begin doing monthly round-ups from April, so my readers can get a clearer idea of what’s been going on with me. In addition, I usually send a monthly newsletter that includes blog updates, travel tips, information, photos, or music I’m listening to. If you love music and love travel, by signing up, you will get relevant info directly to your mailbox!

 What are your March highlights or what’s your next travel destination? Leave a reply below!

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