Getting Asian food in Copenhagen isn’t one of the top things people would do when visiting the city. Well, as one of the major capitals in Scandinavia, Copenhagen offers cuisines from worldwide. In fact, it’s probably the food mecca in Nordic countries. I am quite adventurous when it comes to exploring exotic international food. Yet, as a frequent traveller who has an Asian stomach that needs to be tamed, sometimes the taste of home just brings immense satisfaction.

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asian food in Copenhagen

Now, follow my footsteps to find some good Asian food in Copenhagen:

Momo Wok, $

Asain food in Copenhagen

We discovered Momo Wok in downtown Copenhagen when we returned from Rhodes Island. After a week of Greek food, I was craving hard for some simple fried rice. This little hole in the wall offers fried rice/noodle with meat and vegetable of your choice. They also have ramen and ma-la fun (Szechuan-style spicy glass noodle – super spicy!) A dish ranges around 60dkk~120dkk. It’s not expensive if you consider the fact that Copenhagen is one of the most expensive cities in the world. We’ve tried most of their dishes, and they are all good. Our top recommendations would be ma-la fun (with or without soup) and fried rice. Go before meal hours, or else, long line awaits. There are outdoor seating. You can also seat at the bar if you manage to squeeze yourself inside.

Frederiksberggade 15, 1459 København K

Restaurant New Century, $$

New Century is a Chinese restaurant which focuses on Szechuan and Canton cuisines. New Century is suitable for friends and family gathering, and they do take-out, too. We ordered their spicy and sour seafood soup (seafood suppe sur-stærk.) The soup is filled with clams, shrimps, and various types of seafood. As a child growing up having spicy and sour soup, I can tell you this one is delicious! I also had their  mapo tofu (tofu with spicy minced pork.) And Jim had dan-dan noodle (A type of noodle that’s originated from Szechuan.) I don’t know if it’s authentic since I’ve never had Szechuan food from the province, but you won’t regret trying this place.

Vesterbrogade 146 (A-C), 1620 København V

Kimchi, $

Kimchi claims that they serve Northeast Chinese cuisine. (Although I am pretty sure “kimchi” is Korean the last time I checked.) Well, NE China isn’t far away from Korea, and they do serve Korean food anyways. (The owner is Chinese tho!) I had bibimbap, and Jim had shredded pork with garlic sauce. The food passes my Asianess standard. (Naturally, I lowered my standard a bit when I am in western countries. But do note that I have a high standard when it comes to Asian food.) They have a more extended menu and more comfortable indoor sitting area in comparison to Momo Wok.

Vesterbrogade 114, 1620 København V

LÊLÊ Street Kitchen & Take Away, $$$

Asian food in CopenhagenAsian food in Copenhagen Asian food in Copenhagen

Lêlê Street Kitchen is a charming eatery that serves modern Vietnamese cuisine. It has several locations throughout Copenhagen including a food truck. We visited the one is Vesterbro. We ordered their wonton and spring roll with pork (svinekød friske ruller) as appetizers. For the main dish, we ordered chicken noodle soup with meatballs (kyllingesuppe med kødboller) and caramelised pork with rice (karamelliseret svinekød.) The taste of the dishes was light, refreshing, and quite satisfying. The whole place has a chilled atmosphere. We also got their mango lassi in a bottle, and it hits the spot! The other reasons why I like it is because the presentation of their dishes is quite photogenic, and the cashier/waiter was friendly.

Vesterbrogade 56, 1620 København V


You may have noticed that most of the restaurants I have up here are on Vestbrogade. That’s because it was the road that leads to where we stayed! Vestbro has many bars, restaurants and shops around, and I consider it a convenient, beautiful, and quiet area to stay while in Copenhagen.

Besides the above restaurants, there are a couple of Asian food in Copenhagen we didn’t get to try. There are many bigger Chinese restaurants and small takeout places like Momo Wok in the centre. With some places, you can get three sides and a main dish for 35dkk. That’s a steal in this city of expensive, but I can’t promise you the quality since we never tried it!

There are also two bubble tea places. One named Taste of Taiwan and the other one is Tealicious. For those of you who don’t know what’s bubble tea – It’s a type of milk tea drink with tapioca that’s originated from my home country Taiwan! (See pictures below.) Also, right before we left Copenhagen, we discovered a place called Chopsticks that has Taiwanese style beef noodle soup!

We saw these places the first time we were in Copenhagen but completely forgot about them when we returned a few months later. I guess we just need to go back to get more Asian food in Copenhagen again!

asian food in copenhagen asian food in copenhagen

If you’ve been travelling in Europe for awhile and would love to try something other than local food, getting Asian food in Copenhagen is undoubtedly a good option.

What are your favourite places to eat in Copenhagen? Comment below to let us know. We want to try them when we return to the city next time! 🙂

And Stay tuned for the next post on my favourite places in Copenhagen!

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