I spent nearly a week in Budapest during the summer of 2015, and I have many great memories attached to this charming European city. Not only was I impressed with the warm hospitality of Hungarians, but I also got to meet up with few musician friends from my time in the states! After travelling alone for a month, it was sweet to meet up with some familiar faces.

Keep scrolling down to see some accommodation and sightseeing ideas in words and pictures!

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A Week in Budapest


When in Budapest, I spent most of my nights in hostels. One was on the side of Buda, and the other one in the centre. Unfortunately, I forgot the name for both hostels. (I will update the names once I figured out.) All I remember is the one in Buda has a nice bar with a front yard. The locals who live around would come by for drinks in the evening, so you get to learn about the city in a less touristy way. I met a Hungarian musician Ferenc. He used to study Baroque music in Utrecht, Netherlands. We had an awesome talk, then he offered to host me an evening at his flat right next to the hostel. We chilled and talked a lot about music. He also shared some of his favourite Hungarian music playlists with me!

The later one I stayed at was recommended by a nice Swedish man (who now became my boyfriend, haha.) At the time, the hostel just moved to its new site and was not updated on their site, but I managed to find it. The staff members were super friendly. The bed and the room were cozy and comfortable.


The first day I walked around Budapest with a travel friend, Seth. (We took the same flight from Bucharest and stayed at the same hostel – all unplanned!) And I got some of the best photos of Budapest on that day trip! I also went to the Hungarian National Museum and the Liszt Museum (A must for all classical musicians/fanatic! Post coming soon.)

Ferenc and I took a fabulous night hike, and my violinist friend, Oskar showed me around and took me to great bars and restaurants for delicious Hungarian food. The rest of the time I just wondered in this stunningly beautiful city on my own!

Here are some photos – A week in Budapest at a glance. Click to enlarge and view in slides:


Budapest is a wonderful city that worths every second of your time. The living cost to travel in this Hungarian capital is relatively cheap compared to the rest of the Europe. I especially felt the differences when I took a train from Budapest to Vienna! I didn’t get to go the baths during my week in Budapest, and I really wish I have! Well, more reasons to go back 🙂

Have you visited Budapest or other places in Hungary? What are your favourite things about it?

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