Welcome to the first travel giveaway on Notes of Jo! (May there be much more. :D) It’s a pleasure to announce that we have partnered up with ServantripThe offer is valid from now thru March 8, 2017.

About Servantrip:

Servantrip is an online tourism platform based in Madrid, Spain. The platform provides transportation to/from the airport, personal driver, tour guide, interpreter, and lawyer services in over 60 countries, 80 cities, and more than 10,000 professionals around the world!

2017 travel giveaway
Piin to save the code for later! Offer valid thru March 8, 2017!

Servantrip allows travellers to book drivers, airport shuttles, tour guides, interpreters, and lawyers. It’s a reliable network where travellers can hire local professionals before arriving at destinations. All professionals are certified and have passed their verification process.

And I was able to get a discount code for our readers 🙂 Go to the affiliated link: https://goo.gl/WZcVK2 and use code: 6FED49AF to get 30% off the booking fee! The discount offer is valid thru March 8, 2017. (March 8 is the last date to book, but the service date could be later.)

Why book a service with Servantrip?

As an expat working abroad, I found Servantrip’s services come in handy when I have visitors coming to town. If you live abroad, and you have friends and family coming to visit you. Yet, you simply don’t have time to show them around. Now You can book a private tour guide with Servantrip for a group up to 8 people. More importantly, you can find a guide that speaks your language! (Or your guests’!) If you work for a company that has international guests, the service could be for you, too.

Also, I usually manage to get to/from airports in foreign countries by myself. But sometimes it could be stressful to figure out transportation details in unfamiliar languages. Servantrip could offer a stress-free, comfortable ride when travelling in foreign cities. I was planning to use their airport shuttle service when I needed to go to Pudong Airport (PVG) from my home in Shanghai. Their local service person contacted me within a day after I sent a request through their website. Although I didn’t end up using their service due to personal reasons, I was quite impressed with how accommodating they are.

Go to the affiliated link: https://goo.gl/WZcVK2 and use code: 6FED49AF to get 30% off the booking fee! The discount is valid thru March 8, 2017. (March 8 is the last date to book, but the service date could be later.)

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