This is an invitation to you – The You who have a gift to offer the world that needs to be seen and heard. It’s time to embark on the journey and travel into who you always are. It’s time to make the shift!

Manifest Your Desired Reality Deliberately.

We are here to provide you valuable information and a personalized step-by-step guide to assist you in making Quantum Leaps into the reality of your desire.

As human, we embodied the old programming that’s coming from our lineage that’s not our own. The old programming creates subconscious blocks that prevent us to connect and realize our truths and dreams. However, we absolutely create everything and how to change your outer world from within.

Stop making compromises and settling for what’s not meant for you. Start creating your new paradigm and evolve!

As a teacher of more than a decade, I thrive on transmitting knowledge through personal experiences and finding the most efficient, suitable practices for each student to produce favorable results as effortlessly as possible.

Aside from reinventing a whole new life for myself, below are just a few examples of my manifestation among many others

  • I dropped 14 kg (that’s 31 lbs) without going to the gym religiously or being on any particular food diet. (healthily weight loss, too!)
  • My skin condition completely changed without using any external products to improve. I don’t need any makeup anymore.
  • My social circle completely changed for the better.
  • What I do for a living now 100% aligns with my purpose. I wake up, and I am excited to begin my day. I am able to use all my talents and expertise in everything I do.

We are here to:

  • Set your goals and learn to manifest them effortlessly.
  • Provide personalized step-by-step guide & practice to enter your desired reality effortlessly.
  • Access and strengthen your connection to your inner power as a powerful creator.
  • Identify blocks quickly to consciously change & create your new storyline.
  • Transform, rewire your thought patterns and redirect you to create your reality onward with bliss and positivity.

Audio/Video Session (Coaching)

Pricing (Limited Time Offer)

  • $155 USD / 60 minutes

Payment & Policy

  • Please send the payment via PayPal before the time of your booking. Your session will only take place when the payment is received. 
  • We’ll speak LIVE via ZOOM, Whatsapp, LINE, or WeChat. Please provide me your WhatsApp number/LINE or WeChat ID and current country after booking and payment. 

Email Conversation (Coaching)

Pricing for E-mail Packages (Limited Time Offer)

  • 1 Email – $33 USD
  • 3 Emails – $66 USD
  • 5 Emails – $99 USD

Payment & Policy

  • Payment is due before any correspondence regarding your specific question. Please send your payment via PayPal and SPECIFIED the package you wish to purchase.
  • A private e-mail address will be provided for you to e-mail your specific question after the payment is received.
  • Each Email you send counts as 1 email and only receive 1 response.
  • Email packages are valid and have to be used within 60 days. Exceptions can be made under uncontrollable circumstances.
  • All responses are responded by Joanne.

Email Instruction

  • Focus on 1 specific question per email package purchased, so you get the most out of the conversation.
  • Please allow 3 – 7 days for a response.

**Pricing is subject to change at any time though your rate won’t change once you’ve completed the booking.**

Joanne‘s experiences in troubleshooting and offering valuable information regarding shifting reality have directed many people to reclaim their inner-power as a creator.

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