Hey, I am so glad to have you here!

I am Joanne, the founder of Notes of Jo – Where Music & Travel Meet The Soul. I am on a mission to bring the connection between music, travel, and conscious living to light, and I want to invite you along on this journey.

After having lived and worked as a pianist and teacher in New York, Taipei, and Shanghai in the span of 15 years, I choose to leave the stability and leap into the unknown to fully follow my vision.

The mission – Why am I doing this?

For centuries, we see the East and the West in constant conflict, in opposition, and in disagreement. We see the East and the West in duality. Yet, as a musician, I have always seen a light in the world of music that’s capable of bringing these two worlds together. I just didn’t know how to translate the light into a word that represents this force.

In search of the word, I began to question my own identity.

What does being a musician and a teacher means to me? How are these identities connecting me to the world? As a musician, what power do I hold and how can I use this power to serve humanities? What other creative energy can I unleash?

The questions keep coming.

As I keep seeking my own truth, there’s one thing I knew since I was a kid: I’ll always be doing something connected to music in life.

Music is the food for our souls. Music is healing. We use music in ceremonies and spiritual practices. We turn ourselves to music for celebration and relief, and we consume music that resonates with us, uplifts us, and heals us. Music is the universal language of all. It is found in nature and in every culture of human history, and it is a fundamental component of human life.

There is a magical power that lays within music. It isn’t just entertainment or an extracurricular subject but a gateway to raising our consciousness. A media to open up new ways of thinking. It helps us to reconnect with our inner selves. Whether you are an audience or a performer, we can all connect with each other in the presence of music disregarding where we come from.

And that’s why I am leaving my comfort zone to learn more about this light. To dive into a journey of learning the music of different cultures. To see in what ways I can bring forth the sacred power of this universal language as a vehicle to reach within ourselves, to communicate, and to connect humanities.

I am consciously choosing this lifestyle of following my passion to fulfill my wildest dreams. To follow my intuition and to see where all of these will lead me.

Walk this journey with me. I’d love to have you.